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I am a Mountain

Publié par Anderson Dovilas sur 27 Janvier 2013, 07:45am

Catégories : #Poesie



From hours days and weeks
From weaknesses tears and pain
I see my life above of these hassles
From dreaming of Michigan
And waking up in Haiti
I feel my heart beating
Over my limits
I smile my freedom

A thousand ways
And I live my misery
Like happiness of a thousand people
I am a mountain
A testimony of life living

I am a mountain
An old song that’s renewing
Every moment
I exist so others can share

My story
Like I bleed for the joy
Of the human beings
From where I was
And where I in vision

I am climbing my journey
Full of hopes
Full of dreams

When I can’t see my shadow
I know that my body
Become diamonds

When I can’t hear me
I am listening to someone else
I just need silence 
To restore my day
A quick look
To feel kisses dancing around me
I sleep in the dark
To feel the color of my skin
And I walk in the sun
To turn my calories to energy
Cuz I am a mountain


Anderson Dovilas 

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